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Every Mother’s Day we honor courageous moms, foster moms, grandmothers, and caregivers as Tennessee Justice Center Mothers and Caregivers of the Year. Working with families in times of crisis, TJC has witnessed the extraordinary love and strength of mothers, year after year. We have stood with parents who persistently advocate for not only their own children but all children in need of health care.

Our staff recruits volunteer photographers and then provides our honorees with framed family portraits and a “Mother/Caregiver of the Year” certificate. These photos line the front wall of our office, and their moving stories of love and devotion inspire us all year long. To read about why we honor courageous moms and caregivers at Mother’s Day each year, please read this story by our Executive Director, Michele Johnson.


Read the stories of all of our Mothers and Caregivers of the Year by exploring the virtual version of The Wall below. We are honored to stand alongside these moms.


We gain our strength from our amazing mothers of the year who don’t give up. We won’t give up either, and we need your help so that we can continue to fight alongside these moms.

Jessica Ward

Shahrazad Rashid

Brandi McCutchen

Diane Grover

Tymna Lee

Jessica Johnson

Daphne Elmore

Carol Jean

Tim & Amanda Smith

Tina Claxton

Marilyn Greer

Lynda Settle

Gloria Chatman

Denise MacMahon

Charlene Stockton

Danielle Alaimo

Sherry Garland

Meredith House

Jeana Whitehead

Lacey Buchanan

Barbara McMurtry

Shirley Bagwell

Jennifer Howell

Robin Watkins

Michele Fardan

Riza Ritter

Jennifer Doty

Julie Drouhard

Angela Sterry

Deborah Balthrop

Barbara Moore

Debra Hicks

Carolyn Stinnett

Cynthia Jordan

Maria Vasquez

Velma Brown

Judy Patton

Brittany Wilson

Amy Davis

Sadiatou Barrow

Andrea Morris

Patty Gibson

James Griffin

Emily Wampler

Dulce Ortega

Kaitlyn Lester

Sharon Sue Brady

Stephanie Rucker

Quanisha Booker

Lori Harrelson

Ja'Sheika Leavell

Michael Sullivan

Donna Marie Cooper

Mallorie Hatcher

Rachael Tremblay

Jessica Fox

Debbie Miller

Leianne Taylor

Jill Barlow

Michelle Hayes

Kerry Reed

Julie Whitacre

Margaret Danko

Danielle Molloy

Floyd & Wanda Baker

Laura Riggs

Emily Barron

Tracy Foster

Joann Self Selvidge

Evelyn Manley

Jessi Hacker

Angela Tillotson

Felicia Burk

Ida Roberts

Nancy Hollis

Linda Tayyun

Lourdes Luster

Kimberly Williams

Brandon Byrd

Sarah Rodriguez

Donna Addington

Judy Eaves

Hope Legaux

Elizabeth Hindman

Shelly Johnson

Wanda Jackson

Racheal Smith

Dr. Katie Musser

Sabrina Dae Rider Harper

Ashley Schmucker

Elizabeth Franklin

Charisse Gumbs

Jennifer Taylor

Linda Morgan

Astra Vaughan

DiJuana Davis

Steven Powell

Aretha Braden

Shannon Grimes

Jean Nored

Tabitha Williams

Dana Beech

Shelia Hobbs

Rosie Roan

Brenda Willette

Jody Harwell

Katreda Norman

Meagan Bigger

Frida Salcedo-Montes

Callie Briley

Nita Guinn

Mary Woods

Patricia McCoy

Angie Quinn-Clark

Angelika & Willie Williams

Cindy Furman

Shelia Spain

Kaatje Pitzer

Jane Ussery

Trina Parker

Linda Winford & Kathy Lyons

Irene Dixon

Laurenda Whisenhunt

Lisa Addison

Laura Adams

Diane Rancourt

Erin Brady Worsham

Shay Simmons

Jean Smith

Krista Simons

Hanaa Muhammed

Janice Hampton

Michelle Clarke

Donzleigh Weatherford

Andrea C. Riley

Kim Biers

Natalie Rottarr

Chelsea Anders

Rudolf Flesch

Shannon Redmond

Heather Brown

Jamie Maxfield

Courtney Stanley

Lisa Willson

Toni Corbin

Kristin Holley

Patricia Shells

Susan Bright

Renee Hix

Christina Poole

Lelia Burke

Karen Samborski

Bonita Brockman

Lorna Hensley

Vicki Burney

Sangita Patel

Wilson Shannon

Connie Winchester

Jennifer Miller

Linda Begg

Stephanie Rodrigues

Evelyn Human

Karen & Bill Shannon

Patricia Womac

Vicie Motz

Earnestine Williams

Suzette Byrd

Linda Allen

Sally Roberts

Danae Briggs

Shawn Caster