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Jane Ussery

Gunnar suffers from a stomach deformity and severe acid reflux which force him to eat a special diet so he can keep enough food down for adequate nutrition. He has trachea problems and asthma as well, which, alongside a lowered immune response, contribute to breathing problems and frequent respiratory infections. When Gunnar was just an infant, Jane began receiving confusing notices from the state Department of Human Services (DHS) office saying that Gunnar’s TennCare was going to be cut off. Not sure what to do, Jane called TJC for help.

TJC wrote to DHS, requesting clarification of the notices. DHS wrote back immediately, apologizing for the confusion, explaining the situation, and affirming that Gunnar’s TennCare coverage would continue without interruption. Now, Gunnar is able to get the medicines, therapies, and other care he needs to be his best.

Photo Credit: Mark Mosrie

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