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Sherry Garland

Sherry Garland’s fighting spirit in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds led her to the nomination for Mother of the Year.  Sherry Garland is being recognized for her dedication and love for her sister, Becky Lee Rains.

Ms. Garland’s sister and TJC client Becky Lee Rains got into a car wreck with her husband on November 28, 2017.  That wreck tragically left Ms. Rains quadriplegic and took her husband’s life.  Immediately, Ms. Rains’ sister, Sherry Garland, came down from her home in Kentucky to help her sister.  On top of the devastating physical and emotional impact of the wreck, Ms. Rains found herself in great need of medical care with no health insurance.  She and her husband had previously received health insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Market Place.  When Becky’s premium rose to over $700 a month, they could no longer afford it.

Sherry and her sister, Ms. Rains, applied to TennCare’s CHOICES program seeking assistance for long-term care in the home, or a nursing home.  They encountered many issues with the application process and sought assistance through Tennessee Justice Center.   TJC was able to help the family fight through the red tape.  Ms. Garland stated that the TJC staff, including CHOICES Client Advocate Katie Ann Twiggs, “made a difference in my life.” With TJC’s help, Ms. Rains was able to get approved for TennCare. She is currently receiving rehab care in a long-term care facility in Sparta, TN.  Ms. Garland is optimistic that she will be able to go back to her Kentucky home soon.  Ms. Rains is also planning to go to Kentucky where she will make a new home and, with the support of her sister, will continue to regain her strength.

Ms. Garland’s tireless fighting and refusal to cave under the pressures of bureaucracy for the sake of her sister demonstrate the selflessness and strength that we honor on Mother’s Day.

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