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Laurenda Whisenhunt

Laurenda is the adoptive Mom of six girls, including 12 year old Karla. She needed to have open heart surgery, so Laurenda made sure that Karla made it to all of her appointments with the cardiologist, surgeon, and other doctors. When Karla went to Vanderbilt for surgery, Laurenda stayed there with her for a week. “She played games with me and even pulled me up and down the halls in a red wagon,” said Karla. “My new Mom even made a scrapbook for me of my time in the hospital so I would always know why I have scars on my chest.” Thanks to Laurenda’s dedication, Karla’s surgery was a success. Now, “You can’t tell Karla that she can’t do anything,” said Ms. Whisenhunt. “She he has confidence.” All of Laurenda’s adopted daughters have special needs, “but she always manages to take care of us,” said Karla.

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