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Sarah Rodriguez

Mrs. Rodriguez has been caring for her daughter, Sarah, ever since her brain was injured in a car accident. Sarah cannot walk and requires round-the-clock care, but she still enjoys watching her three children grow. After the car accident, Sarah went to a nursing home, where a blood clot went unnoticed, and almost killed her. In another nursing home, Sarah developed severe bedsores because she was not turned often enough. Afraid for her life and shaken by these close calls, Sarah’s family brought her home. Mrs. Rodriguez cares for Sarah with the help of a TennCare nurse. When Mrs. Rodriguez heard that TennCare was going to cut Sarah’s in-home nursing, she called TJC. We recruited attorneys to represent Sarah and 19 other Tennesseans hurt by the nursing cuts. For now, Sarah’s care is protected by a court order. But, Mrs. Rodriguez ‘s fight for Sarah’s care is ongoing.

Photo Credit: Tim Cope

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