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Brandon Byrd

Brandon became a quadriplegic in 2004, when his spine was severely injured while he was playing with his sons on a trampoline. Brandon relies on TennCare nurses and aids to stay safe and to care for his tracheotomy. Despite his disabilities, Brandon enjoys spending time with his sons and is earning a degree in Business. When TennCare’s home health policies changed, the life that Brandon had built was threatened. TennCare began requiring Tennesseans who need extensive care to make do with a dramatic reduction in nursing hours. Without constant care, Brandon would be forced to go to a nursing home, drop out of school, and leave the community where his sons live. Determined to keep his family together and to stand up for disabled parents across Tennessee, Brandon contacted TJC. With the help of TJC and attorney Linda Casals, Brandon fought his nursing cuts in Chancery Court.

Photo Credit: Trey Clark

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