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Diane Rancourt

Diane’s daughter, Rebekah, has Cerebral Palsy and mental retardation. She is fed by a tube and requires constant care from her parents and a nurse. Despite her disabilities, Rebekah is a vibrant young lady who enjoys music and being around people. But, Rebekah became in danger of entering a nursing home when TennCare suddenly denied her nursing services. It was impossible for Diane to care for Rebekah and her other two children without help. So, Diane contacted TJC, and we intervened on the family’s behalf. A few days later, Rebekah’s nursing was approved. “It seems like each month brings a new problem in obtaining health care services for our children,” said Diane. “I know that other families with special needs children are facing the same problems. It is difficult, but I must persevere in this battle for my own children and for other TennCare children.”

Photo Credit: Abby Whisenant

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