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Michelle Hayes

Michelle Hayes of Union City is being honored as a 2018 Mother of the Year for her courage and tireless dedication to ensuring her son has the health coverage he needs.

Michelle and her husband Scottie, who’s served in the military for almost 20 years, have three wonderful children. Their son Hudson is one-of-a-kind, literally.  Hudson is the only person in the world with a B3GAT3 genetic mutation, causing heart defects, spine issues, joint problems and others requiring surgery. Despite being in constant pain, Hudson hardly ever complains, and his teachers say he is one of the top in his class.

Due to the condition, Hudson requires Private Duty Nursing. The family’s insurance, TriCare, is provided through Scottie’s military service. However, TriCare does not cover Private Duty Nursing. Consequently, Hudson is enrolled in TennCare, which provides them peace-of-mind and access to the nursing care that Hudson needs. Given how hard it has been even for her middle class family to fight to get nursing services for her son, Michelle believes the health care system is seriously broken.

Michelle has been a tireless advocate for her son. Her goal is that he will be happy, pain free, and independent. Michelle says she is extremely blessed that God chose her to be Hudson’s mother because he has made her a better person and her relationship with God has become closer, and for that she will forever be grateful.

We are so honored to recognize Michelle as a Mother of the Year. When we told her, she said, “I feel I am not different than any other mother that loves their kids with all of their heart and will do whatever it takes to help them.”

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