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Vicie Motz

Vicie is the adoptive mother of three special needs children, including her son Trevor. Trevor can’t walk or talk, but he loves snuggling and listening to music. In 2008, his TennCare nursing was drastically reduced. So, Vicie called TJC. We wrote a letter asking TennCare to provide the nursing that Trevor’s doctor prescribed. Days later, Trevor’s care was reinstated. Vicie also asked TJC’s for help with a TennCare policy that prevented her from leaving the house while nurses were caring for the children. Vicie had to choose between taking her three wheelchair-bound children with her to the supermarket and the library, and not going at all. TJC wrote to TennCare about this violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. TennCare clarified the rule so that Vicie and other parents like her are not homebound. “TJC is a lifesaver,” said Vicie. “They really care about our family.”

Photo Credit: Mark Mosrie

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