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Judy Patton

Judy’s adopted son, Ladontay, age 6, loves skateboarding, coloring, and reading. However, Ladontay has cysts on his nose that make wearing regular glasses painful. Judy knew that if Ladontay’s glasses were more comfortable, he would leave them on at school and learn more easily. His doctor ordered flexible glasses, but his TennCare vision plan wouldn’t cover them. Judy called TJC for help. Together, we wrote a letter to the state. Within three days, Ladontay’s doctor was able to fill the prescription for flexible glasses. With his new glasses, Ladontay’s reading and schoolwork will improve and he will be able to participate more fully in sports. “When I contacted the Tennessee Justice Center, you steered me in the right direction. Your help was a lifesaver. I am so thankful,” said Judy. “Without TJC, I would have just taken ‘no’ for an answer. Now, I know my rights.”

Photo Credit: Tim Cope

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