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Kim Biers

The Tennessee Justice Center is honored to celebrate Kim Biers for her steadfast and heartfelt commitment to her family and community.

Kim was born in Indiana before moving to Southern California as a young girl. She recalls California as home and reminisces fondly on road trips she would take with her grandparents. “I’d like to take my children on a similar road trip one day” she muses “there’s so much to see in our own country”.

As a mother of 7 boys, Kim imagines those road trips would consist of a full car, full hearts, and a lot of necessary snacks. Kim reflects fondly on memories of her boys and their friends running around as she stands over the stove stirring a pot of something large enough to feed a house teeming with teenage boys. “It has been a privilege and a blessing to be a mom,” she says.

Kim contacted the Tennessee Justice Center when she did not receive P-EBT benefits for her two youngest children, Christopher and David. Kim has been caring for her youngest boys while she works from their Munford, TN home as a transcriber for police stations across the state. Receiving the P-EBT benefits was a huge relief after her kids could no longer receive free/reduced price meals at school due to virtual learning. “I want to share my story so other parents that are missing P-EBT can get connected to the Tennessee Justice Center,” she explains.

Anyone who talks to Kim can feel the love that she has for her children and her community. She shares that the greatest gift for her is that they still want her in their life despite many of them growing up and moving away. “I want to learn from them,” she says. “I try to always keep an open mind and really listen.”

Kim is a truly remarkable individual with a deep sense of empathy and understanding for her family and her community. While things have not always been easy for Kim and her family, her commitment and love for her children has always grounded her. The Tennessee Justice Center would like to extend a most sincere thank you to Kim for allowing us to share her story and for the light she has brought to our team.

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