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Sadiatou Barrow

Sadiatou’s daughter Binta, age 11, requires total care. She is blind. She cannot walk or talk, and has at least five seizures each day. So, her doctor prescribed nursing services. Sadiatou has had to fight to keep Binta’s nursing. “It has been hard, but I keep going for Binta and for other children who need help. I thank TJC for all that they’ve done for my daughter, from the bottom of my heart!” said Sadiatou. When TennCare changed the rules under which families can get home health services, Sadiatou spoke out. Her story was featured in the Tennessean. She put a human face on the short sighted policy that would mean devastation for not only her family, but for hundreds of families across the state. She said the policy was wrong and it had to change. It hasn’t changed yet, but Sadiatou will keep fighting for Binta and other TennCare children. Sadiatou shares her family’s story so that the 670,000 children on TennCare can benefit from lessons learned and victories won in her struggle to provide her child with necessary care.

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