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Rosie Roan

Rosemarie “Rosie” Roan is lives in Murfreesboro with her husband, Robert, their two daughters, Ally (21) and Anna (16), along with their two dogs, cat, fish and bearded dragon lizard. Rosie’s oldest daughter, Ally, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a newborn and requires 24/7 skilled care every day. Adequate care services are crucial to Ally’s survival.

Rosie is the picture of devotion to her daughter. She is often up in the middle of the night taking care of Ally, providing both skilled and non-skilled care for her daughter. Rosie remained by Ally’s side for approximately 45 consecutive days while Ally was hospitalized–she even slept in the hospital room.

Rosie not only cares for Ally each time there is a missed nursing shift or hospitalization, but also cares for other individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in her community. Rosie works for Possibility Place in Murfreesboro, “an educational center-based and community-based day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities where everyone is valued, accepted, encouraged, and shown the love of Christ.” At Possibility Place, Rosie teaches individuals math skills as well as a variety of other therapies. She provides these services for both private paying individuals as well as those enrolled in TennCare’s ECF CHOICES program, the same program in which her daughter Ally is enrolled.

Rosie is constantly caring for others with an ever-sunny disposition and positive outlook that never seem to fade. Tennessee Justice Center is proud to honor Rosemarie (“Rosie”) Roan as a 2018 Mother of the Year.

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