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Danielle Alaimo

Danielle Alaimo is the last person to do anything halfway, and for that, she is being honored as a 2018 Tennessee Justice Center Mother of the Year. She gives her full heart and drive to every role and task she takes on. Her most critical role is serving as mother to Boston-Marie, 8, and Malcolm, 4.

Both her children have so much personality. Boston is fun and loving, and Malcolm has the most contagious smile. Danielle works her hardest to be there for both her kids every day, but this task is made unusually difficult by medical complexities that she and Malcolm each face with their health.

Malcolm was infected with cytomegalovirus before birth, which has caused a slew of health complications throughout his life. Danielle has devoted her life to being Malcolm’s full-time care provider and advocate. This has allowed Malcolm to achieve milestones never thought possible.

She balances full-time caregiver with being a mother to Boston- showing up at swim practice, asking her about her day every day, and making sure she always feels loved.

Danielle does her best to make sure Boston still has her mother despite Malcolm’s intensive care. Her own health has been an added obstacle. Just this February, she received brain surgery for a condition in which her brain was putting dangerous pressure on the brain stem.

Scar on the back of her head, Malcolm in tow, Danielle continues advocating for better care for her family and those like hers, simply because she feels it’s her purpose. An exceptionally selfless person, Danielle is unlike many people you will meet–and once meeting them, you will never forget her family.

Photo Credit: Alex Kent

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