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Patricia Shells

It is her caring, consideration and action for not only her own son but others like him that have inspired Tennessee Justice Center to name Patricia Shells as a 2018 Mother of the Year.Patricia, a breast cancer survivor, has cared for her 28-year-old son, Patrick, his entire life. Patricia lovingly describes Patrick as her “handsome doll-like grown son that God gave me to take care of and I try to do my best. I bathe him, dress him…and provide for all of his needs.”  Patricia is ALWAYS so positive and full of joy. While Patricia’s husband is working to provide for the family, Patricia’s day is packed with caring for Patrick, including taking him on outings, to parks, and to various programs.  TennCare’s assistance makes this care possible.Recently, during redetermination, Patrick lost his TennCare because he was not properly screened for his Disabled Adult Child status.  Patricia contacted TennCare and did everything she was told to do–to no avail.  One day, Patricia was speaking with another mother at Metro Parks Disabilities Program about the difficulty she was having recovering Patrick’s TennCare. The mother suggested Patricia contact Tennessee Justice Center.  Through documentation, appeals, and a letter sent to the TennCare General Counsel, TJC was able to get TennCare’s assistance restored–just as Patricia was down to her last diaper for Patrick.Patricia is in the process of establishing a nonprofit, Patrick’s Patchwork Plaze, for individuals with needs like her son.  She is striving to create a place where Patrick and his friends can gather, enjoy each other’s company, and relax. Patricia also wants to create a space for the parents and caregivers of Patrick’s friends to spend time with one another. She envisions a beautiful Hope garden and a long porch with rocking chairs for this space. Patricia is currently running a GoFundMe called “A Bus for Us” to fundraise for a bus so Patrick and his friends can be more easily transported to outings.

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