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Linda Allen

Linda has welcomed over 25 special needs foster children into her home over the years. She adopted four of the children. TennCare repeatedly denied medical services and equipment that Linda’s children needed. Linda contacted TJC about her year-long struggle to obtain wheelchairs for her children. She agreed to let several of her children be plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit, John B. v. Goetz, which helped children across Tennessee get the health care they need and to which they have a right. Linda’s adopted daughter, Megan, has Cerebral Palsy and is a quadriplegic. When she had trouble obtaining a communication device she needed to attend college, Linda contacted TJC again. With the help of a pro bonoattorney, Megan got her communications device and was able to attend MTSU. Children across the state have more hope thanks to Linda’s perseverance.

Photo Credit: Abby Whisenant

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