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Brittany Wilson

Brittany’s 18-month-old twins, Addleigh and Kennedi, suffer from seizures, muscle weakness, and developmental delays. Neither Brittany nor her husband has access to health insurance through their jobs, so they rely on TennCare to cover the twins’ special needs. When Brittany heard that TennCare wad going to drop her daughters’ coverage. she appealed and called TJC. We immediately recognized that the twins were still eligible for TennCare. After a phone call to the Department of Human Services to correct the mistake, the girls’ TennCare was reinstated. Brittany also worked with TJC to write a letter to TennCare, sharing the twins’ story as well as experiences of other families. In response, TennCare implemented new training to improve the accuracy of eligibility screens. Brittany said, “The thought of losing health insurance for my girls was terrifying. TJC helped me solve a problem I thought was insurmountable, and put my mind at ease.”

Photo Credit: Tim Cope

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