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Dana Beech

Dana Beech has fought tirelessly for the 16 years of her son’s life. Because of her hard work advocating for his care, her son Chase has beaten all the odds. With an extensive list of conditions including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, dysautonomia, functional short gut, POTS, and more, there is always something that needs to be done.

Though this list is daunting, “Super Chase,” as he is appropriately called, pushes forward. Chase has one of those personalities that captivates folks and moves them. Dana says he can put a smile on anyone’s face, even when he is the one going through a difficult time. Despite her son’s strength, Dana still worries about the obstacles to come, especially as Chase gets older. Advocating for his care will only get more difficult, and that will make her job protecting her son even harder. But she shows no signs of stopping.

Within her community, Dana helps parents in situations like hers, advocating for children with complex medical needs. She wants to use her knowledge and all the lessons she has learned over the years to help others work through the system to similarly protect their kids. Dana feels her community deserves that support because they have taken on a role more difficult the most.

Dana is a fighter, just like her son, and will continue fighting until she sees justice for kids like Chase. If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that Team Chase is unmovable: no matter what obstacle arises, Chase will be supported through it all. For her advocacy for Chase and others like him, Tennessee Justice Center is honored to name Dana a 2018 Mother of the Year.

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