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Suzette Byrd

Bradley cannot talk or move, and is dependent on a ventilator and feeding tube. Despite his disabilities, Bradley loves to play basketball, and attend school with his friends. Bradley’s father’s employer provides health insurance for the family. But in 2006, the insurance company said that Bradley had exhausted his lifetime limits. With Bradley’s complex medical needs, the family was fortunate to have TennCare to rely on as a safety net. However, 2007, bills began to arrive, even though children on TennCare are not supposed to receive bills from providers. More and more of the illegal bills arrived. So, Bradley’s Mom, Suzette, contacted TJC. We wrote letters to TennCare, and soon they told the family that they were not responsible for the bills. Suzette said, “TJC became our advocate in the billing process, giving us the time to focus on what is important – Bradley’s care.”

Photo Credit: Mark Mosrie

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