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DiJuana Davis

The Tennessee Justice Center is honored to recognize Ms. DiJuana Davis as a 2020 Mother of the Year.

DiJuana is the mother of five children and is pregnant with her sixth. She was born and raised in Nashville, where she currently lives with her family. DiJuana reached out to the Tennessee Justice Center after she took her daughter to the emergency room and learned that she and her children had all been terminated from TennCare without receiving any notice in the mail. While working with the Davis family to help them get their TennCare reinstated, it was discovered that their renewal materials had been sent to a family they had never heard of, in a city they had never lived! DiJuana has severe anemia requiring infusions and her children have health conditions including asthma, allergies, and ADHD, making reliable health insurance very important to them.

Parenting as a single mother can be hard. DiJuana says it is one of her favorite things, but also the most difficult job she has ever had. She describes parenting as being rewarding and painful and stressful – everything all in one. She says that parenting is very special to her and something she wouldn’t trade.

Fighting for healthcare for all kids in Tennessee has become something that DiJuana has become increasingly passionate about. She understands the importance of starting kids off on the right path and teaching them to have a healthy lifestyle, so that they will continue those habits as adults. She hopes she can raise awareness by sharing her story and to hopefully convince lawmakers and senior health care officials to make changes so what happened to her family does not happen to other families. DiJuana understands that mistakes happen, but she wants TennCare to address mistakes with more urgency, since it is real people’s health on the line.

The Tennessee Justice Center is proud to celebrate DiJuana Davis as an amazing parent to her children and a strong advocate in her community.

Photo Credit: Laurie Gibbs

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