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Judy Eaves

Judy’s twelve year-old son, Chase, had a vision problem that limited his activities and his ability to read. Chase’s optometrist prescribed vision therapy. After two months of therapy, his eyesight had improved significantly. But then, less than halfway through his program, Judy received notice from TennCare that it would not pay for any more treatment. She asked TJC to help her pursue the care which was bringing her son’s world into focus. We explained Chase’s rights, and helped her file an appeal. We also wrote a letter to TennCare, but they still denied the treatment. The only alternative TennCare offered was bifocals, which wouldn’t actually fix Chase’s eyes. Judy was determined to find a way to continue the therapy. Since Chase could not continue seeing his doctor, Judy performed the vision therapy for two months with his doctor’s guidance. Through prayer, tenacity, and friends’ support, Chase’s vision is now normal.

Photo Credit: Fran Cliff and Nancy MacLean

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