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On the walls of our new building stand breathtaking tributes to civil rights and social justice trailblazers who paved the way for progress. These tributes include murals created by artists Charles Key and Omari Booker and portray iconic figures such as Rev. James Lawson, the Nashville 16, and Lady Justice. The inspiring artworks serve as a constant reminder of the shoulders we stand on in our ongoing pursuit of equity and justice. They also serve as an ode to the transformative impact of those who came before us, fueling our dedication to creating a brighter future for all!

Lutie Lytle

Chadwick Boseman

Nelson Merry

Noah Parden

Nashville Sixteen

Georgia Patton Washington

Callie House

Ida B Wells

The Innate Warrior

John Henry Hale

Diane Nash

James Lawson

First Day of School 1957

Mary Bell

Anne Dallas Dudley

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