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On the walls of our new building stand breathtaking tributes to civil rights and social justice trailblazers who paved the way for progress. These tributes portray iconic figures such as Rev. James Lawson and also include murals created by artists Charles Key and Omari Booker. The inspiring artworks serve as a constant reminder of the shoulders we stand on in our ongoing pursuit of equity and justice. They also serve as an ode to the transformative impact of those who came before us, fueling our dedication to creating a brighter future for all!


Click on any circle below to learn more about each individual mural. You can read & listen to their story while viewing the accompanying collage

Noah Parden

Callie House

Mary Bell

Ida B Wells

Lutie Lytle

John Henry Hale

Anne Dallas Dudley

Nashville Sixteen

Georgia Patton Washington

James Lawson

First Day of School 1957

The Innate Warrior

Diane Nash

Nelson Merry

The Black Panther Mural

Header collage image credits: Blackpast, Britannica, Eastern District of Tennessee District Outreach, Historical Marker Data Base, International Documentary Association, National Park Service, Pinterest, Syfy, Tennessee Justice Center, Tennessee State, Tennessee State Museum, The Tennessean, Wikipedia, Wayne State University.


Visit us in-person at our office building for a one-of-a-kind tour diving even deeper into the beautiful murals on the exterior of our building! Each stroke of paint tells a story, inviting you to witness the journeys of the many social justice advocates who came before us. Schedule your in-person tour today!

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