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Kristin Holley

Samuel Holley suffers from severe Asthma and Eczema. The goal of his mother Kristin has always been for him to have an inspiring, encouraging, productive life.

Kristin found an effective medicine, Xolair, which lessens the severity of both the asthma and eczema.   TennCare said that Samuel did not meet the criteria to have Xolair covered by insurance. Without coverage, Xolair can cost thousands of dollars a month.  Kristin contacted the Tennessee Justice Center for help.  This spring, with the help of Sam’s allergist and TJC’s advocates and attorneys, TennCare agreed to cover Sam’s Xolair treatment.

Kristin is one of many parents in Tennessee that struggle to get the health care and coverage their children need.  Kristin is a strong, motivated mother who, after watching her own mother work in emergency rooms, hospitals, and clinics as a nurse, is now in school to become a nurse herself, working when she can while raising her two sons.

Just as Kristin’s mom is a role model for her, so too is Kristin a role model for Sam. Sam has become aware of the limitations that others around him face.  Kristin tells a story of Sam approaching a young girl, who also had severe Eczema, at a baseball game.  Sam did not know this girl, but nonetheless, spoke to her and encouraged her. Her son was so thoughtful and compassionate towards another kid facing the same challenge.

Before Kristin contacted TJC, she felt discouraged and did not know what to do or where to get help.  It was TJC’s immediate concern and willingness to do what was necessary to help Sam that gave her hope.  For her model caring and determination, TJC is honored to name Kristin a 2018 Mother of the Year.

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