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Earnestine Williams

Earnestine is devoted to doing everything she can to make sure her seven year-old granddaughter is as healthy and happy as possible. She and her grandmother work out together in their exercise room every day. Destiney enjoys jump roping, riding her bike, skating, and hula hooping. “I love to work out because it makes my muscles look big,” said Destiney. When Destiney needs a checkup or an immunization shot, Earnestine always takes her to her appointments. Earnestine makes sure that Destiney eats three healthy meals a day, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Her favorite foods are peas and mandarin oranges. Earnestine also makes sure that Destiney gets plenty of sleep, brushes her teeth 3 times a day, and stays hydrated and clean. Earnestine knows that keeping kids healthy allows them to get the best start in life, so they can reach their full potential.

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