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Donna Addington

Six-year-old Chase Addington is developmentally delayed and cannot walk or talk. Chase needed home health care — to administer medicines, manage his tube feedings, and make sure he’s safe. But his mother, Donna had to fight TennCare for two years just to get home health care for her son.

Searching to find some way to help her son, Donna also called the Tennessee Justice Center. TJC stold her about new TennCare home health rules, gave her advice about getting a nurse when Chase needed one, and explained Chase’s rights. With TJC’s help, Donna was finally was able to secure a home health care nurse for her Chase.

“Being armed with knowledge of my son’s rights made it possible for me to get the care he needed,” said Donna. “I’d do anything I could to help other families avoid the pain we have suffered because TennCare wouldn’t provide what Chase needed.”

Photo Credit: Mark Mosrie

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