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Lisa Addison

At age five, Sean was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, developmental delays, and familial tremors. Then, when Sean was 14, his pediatrician told his mother, Lisa, that all of these diagnoses were wrong. He needed to be tested for a proper diagnosis. But most doctors who could administer the tests wouldn’t see him because they didn’t take TennCare insurance. So, Lisa contacted TJC. TJC helped Lisa arrange tests for Sean at a local hospital. However, the family had to pay the hospital $1,400 before testing could begin, because TennCare wouldn’t pay. The family didn’t have the money for the tests. Six months later, Lisa was still waiting for her son to be tested so that he could receive the treatment he really needed. Meanwhile, Sean’s behavior became harder and harder to control. “By delaying this test, TennCare is robbing Sean of his future,” said Lisa.

Photo Credit: Fran Cliff and Nancy MacLean

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