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Irene Dixon

Irene’s three year-old grandchild, Terrell, has pulmonary hypertension, congestive heart failure, and is ventilator dependent. He needed a wheelchair, but seven months after the prescription for a wheelchair was submitted, Terrell still had not received it. Without the wheelchair, it was impossible for Irene to lift Terrell, along with his oxygen tank and ventilator, suction machine, battery, and medicines – the equipment alone weighed more than 100 pounds. Terrell was missing doctor’s appointments, and the family was getting more and more desperate.

Then, Irene called TJC. We worked with her to write a letter of appeal to the state. A few days later, Terrell was measured for his wheelchair, and soon, it arrived. Irene said, “When all this started, I didn’t know who to turn to. With TJC on my side, I was able to stand up for Terrell and get him the care that his future depends upon”

Photo Credit: Tim Cope

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