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Carolyn Stinnett

Corey is a survivor of shaken baby syndrome. He was placed in foster care when he was only one month old and ten months later, Carolyn became his legal guardian. Almost a teenager, Corey is now 5’2” and cannot walk, sit without help, or talk. Carolyn says that as demanding as it is to care for someone with Corey’s needs, it is harder to deal with all of the obstacles that lie between Corey and the care he requires. Carolyn has fought courageously with school systems, physicians, pharmacies, mental health agencies, and hospitals to make sure Corey gets what he needs. Corey will never be able to live on his own. But instead of letting Corey’s limitations overwhelm her, Carolyn tries to take her cue from Corey and think positively. “He sets such a wonderful example for everyone who knows him because he finds joy in the simplest things. He is my hero,” says Carolyn.

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