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Meredith House

Meredith is a loving mother and wife. She fiercely advocated for the Affordable Care Act in 2017 to defend coverage that allows people who have preexisting conditions–as she does–to access adequate insurance.

Meredith has a genetic disorder called Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome or EDS. This disorder has led to many health complications, including a syndrome that causes Meredith to experience a heart rate spike to 200 beats per minute just from standing up, which often leads to her passing out. She’s also had to undergo many surgeries. She underwent brain surgery just weeks before showing up at a gathering to speak to the importance of the Affordable Care Act, proving she does not mess around when it comes to healthcare.

Along with her own health, Meredith advocates for that of her children. Despite the 50/50 chance of inheritance, all three of Meredith’s kids have EDS. Each has experienced different symptoms from this disorder: spontaneous, severe allergic reactions; frequent passing out; issues requiring surgical procedures. This disorder has presented itself in some very difficult ways for her children. Because Meredith’s kids can be on CoverKids, they’re able to get the care they need to try and live normal lives in spite of the condition.

Surgeries, heart issues, and a slew of medical complications don’t keep Meredith down–she makes it a priority to stand up for the coverage she and so many others need. Though she is too humble to say, Meredith is a superwoman, always finding ways to care for others, even when dealing with health concerns beyond what many could imagine. This level of commitment and compassion inspire us and moved Tennessee Justice Center to nominate her as a 2018 Mother of the Year.

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