Some of us have done this work for decades; some of us are just getting started.  Many of us are born-and-raised Tennesseans, and some of us have come thousands of miles to join TJC. Our team is proud to work hard every day on behalf of and in partnership with Tennessee individuals, families, and communities. Click photos for more information.

Please visit our Careers page for updated information about current job openings and internship opportunities at TJC.

Michele Johnson Headshot

Michele Johnson

Executive Director, Co-Founder


Signe Anderson

Director of Nutrition Advocacy

Jane Beasley

Senior Client Advocate

Gordon Bonnyman

Staff Attorney, Co-Founder

Keith Caldwell

Community Outreach Coordinator

Chanda Freeman

Health Policy Team Program Manager

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Samantha Strizalkouski

Office Manager

Rob Watkins

Chief Operating Officer

Brant Harrell

Legal Director

Anna Luttrell

King Nutrition Fellow

Asia Porter

King Child Health Fellow

Aleena Robinson

Development Manager

Dranda Whaley

Executive Assistant

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Vanessa Zapata

Staff Attorney, Health and Nutrition Lead

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D’Anelle Desire

Director of Communications

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Delaram Takyar

Skadden Fellow

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Madeline Wiseman

Staff Attorney

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Shana Watkins

CMS Outreach Coordinator

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Thomas Hill

Grant and Data Coordinator

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Henry Lynett

Client Advocate

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Megan Cole

Digital Media Coordinator

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Matthew McKenna

Intake Coordinator

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Diana Gallaher

Casework Supervisor

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Luke Mukundan

CMS Client Advocate

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Caroline Sprenger

Melkus Fellow

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Jerri Rule


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Dorcas Gitimu

CMS Client Advocate

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Crys Riles

Anti-Hunger Client Advocate

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Anna Gordon

Health Policy & Advocacy Associate