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Anne Dobson Ball

WIC Partnership and Outreach Coordinator

Anne Dobson Ball was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC. She is a recent graduate of Sewanee: The University of the South where she majored in politics and minored in women's and gender studies. While at Sewanee, Anne Dobson was a part of the Bonner Leader Program, a service and leadership development program. As a Bonner Leader she spent four years working at the Community Action Committee (CAC), a local food bank in Sewanee. During her time at the CAC, she worked in a direct service capacity as she supported clients each day and organized monthly free community meals for clients and community members. 

In addition to her community outreach through the Bonner Leader Program, Anne Dobson spearheaded a campus-wide menstrual equity initiative to install free menstrual hygiene product machines across campus. In an additional capacity, she led a university-wide initiative that created an on-campus student supply closet at Sewanee to meet food and basic-needs insecurity among students. Anne Dobson is incredibly passionate about gender equity and food security and is excited to work with TJC's staff to increase education and access to WIC benefits for women and their families across Tennessee!

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