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Geraldine Hernandez-Marin

King Nutrition Fellow

Geraldine Hernandez-Marin is originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey. She was a pre-medical student at Yale University, graduating with a B.S. in Psychology in 2023. From her experience living and working with and for underserved populations, particularly Latino communities, she knows the barriers barring people from accessing quality healthcare and nutrition assistance. She hopes to rectify these issues as the King Nutrition Fellow. She believes that working at the Tennessee Justice Center will help her become a more compassionate doctor who can make well-informed decisions considering the economic, cultural, and social backgrounds of all her future patients.


Geraldine likes to go to coffee/boba shops in her free time and relax. As a former member of an acapella group, she is very excited to learn more about the Nashville music scene and do some karaoke. You can reach Geraldine at

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