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Lakesyn Melia

Development Specialist

Lakesyn is a driven and compassionate TN native with a strong commitment to helping others. Originally from Franklin, Tennessee, she developed a passion for community service early on. This led her to pursue a degree in Political Science and Journalism at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.


During her time at Baylor, Lakesyn discovered her love for writing and advocacy. She became actively involved with the Community Race Relations Coalition of Waco, where she worked to promote dialogue and understanding among different groups. Additionally, her involvement with the Baylor Lariat helped her refine her communication skills and amplify voices for positive change.


Now, Lakesyn is excited to join the TJC, where she can continue her mission of social justice and community empowerment. Inspired by TJC's dedication to advocating for marginalized communities, Lakesyn is eager to contribute her skills as the development specialist.


In her free time, Lakesyn enjoys trying new coffee shops, watching movies, and spending time with her friends, family, and cats.

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