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Richard Stuart

King Justice Fellow

Originally from Boston, Richard has been working with the TJC continuously since his internship in the summer of 2022, in which he worked to redesign the lawsuit summons forms used in the Tennessee General Sessions Court from the ground up.


In his full-time position as King Justice Fellow, Richard works to modernize Tennessee’s legal system: developing, testing, and finalizing court documents and educational materials for self-represented litigants (SRLs) in General Sessions court civil matters; working with court officials, the bar, and other stakeholders to win the adoption of reformed pleadings and educational materials for SRLs in General Sessions civil proceedings; and collaborating with colleagues in Tennessee and other states in advancing the quality of justice for SRLs.


When he’s not designing court forms, Richard enjoys designing album covers and, ever so often, making synth-folk music to go with them. You can reach Richard at

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