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Crys Riles

Anti-Hunger Advocate

Crys Riles moved to Nashville, TN from Memphis, TN, where they were born and raised.  

Crys began their career as a Pastry Chef in Memphis. They earned a Culinary Arts degree from L’Ecole Culinaire in Memphis, TN. Later, they would go on to work in the nonprofit sector in the food access and food security sphere. In 2018, Crys returned to school to achieve a Bachelors in Culinary Anthropology studying the way that anthropological techniques and methods could be used to improve the food access sector. Crys is back in school to achieve their Masters of Arts in Applied Anthropology, studying specifically the food system and how systemic barriers to access manifest at the individual level. Their research focused on the ways a shared-use commercial kitchen in Memphis bolsters and supports the food system through a lens of food justice.  

Before coming to TJC, Crys ran a local food hub in Memphis, building infrastructure and network relationships to bolster and strengthen the local food system. Their work actively created sustainable, equitable, and justice-focused connections between local farmers and local consumers, providing market access points for farmers to sell their goods while also providing opportunities for clients to purchase fresh, locally grown produce and value-added items.  

When not working, Crys enjoys time with friends playing tabletop RPGs, listening to podcasts, cooking for themself and friends, and spending time with their cats who are all named after cheeses.  

You can reach Crys at  

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