If you need assistance due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please click here.  You will find helpful information and links to apply for a variety of benefits designed to help Tennesseans during this national emergency.


We use our knowledge of the law and our experience working with clients to train financial counselors, social workers, and health care providers throughout the state on a wide range of health care related topics. These trainings range from introductions to TennCare to crafting successful strategies for appeals.

Our staff attorneys and client advocates invest a significant amount of their time creating materials and conducting trainings that were offered for free to attendees in the past. Nearly the entire cost associated with the creation of these trainings was underwritten by organizations that received government funding to help enroll people into Medicaid. Due to cuts to this funding including the federal navigator grant, some of our trainings will be no longer offered for free. For our non-profit partners, we will be offering a limited number of scholarships for attendees to attend these trainings. To request a scholarship, please contact trainings@tnjustice.org.


If you are a healthcare, social service provider, or just have more specific questions,

  Check out our technical assistance resources.