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TJC offers a wide array of free and paid tools and trainings throughout the year. In collaboration with our expert legal staff, we use our knowledge of the law and our experience working with clients to train financial counselors, social workers, and health care providers throughout the state on a wide range of health care related topics.



TJC provides some help with TennCare, CoverKids, Medicare Savings Program, SNAP, and WIC. If you need help you can fill out our case inquiry form here or call us at 615-255-0331 or at 1-877-608-1009 toll free. If you are an organization you can reach out to us for questions too.

Here are some self-help resources for individuals interested in safety-net programs and other resources. 



Need help navigating TennCare on a regular basis? Consider a technical assistance service agreement with TJC. Whether you need a quick answer to an eligibility question or help filing a complicated appeal, you will have a trusted partner to help guide you along the way.


Medical debt is a problem facing 1-in-5 Tennesseans.  In fact, it’s the leading cause of bankruptcy in the state.  For those with medical debt, navigating the process can be challenging, especially when a debt collection agency starts calling.  We break down the process as well as provide you with downloadable resources and practical steps you can take to reduce your debt or eliminate it entirely.  If you have unpaid hospital bills, we will show you how to request financial assistance also known as “charity care”.  We explain your rights as a consumer, including how to deal with annoying debt collectors. If you are having trouble with threats or harassing collection calls, we will show you how to make them stop.  Understanding the process and your rights are the keys to dealing with medical debt, and this the place to start.

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