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155 Lafayette St
Nashville, TN 37210
t. 615.255.0331

Find us on Lafayette St, down the block from Napier Park! Discover how we serve our community firsthand, providing legal assistance and support to those in need. Plan your visit today and join us in championing justice for all Tennesseans!

Parking: Enter from the Fairfield side, and parking is available on the Lewis side of the building. Overflow parallel parking can be found behind the building. Please be mindful of any posted restrictions.


Mon - Fri


Visit our permanent location at 155 Lafayette St!


Are you interested in exploring our facility and learning more about the vital work we do?

Experience TJC firsthand by booking a building tour with us today! Our tours provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the heart of our mission, values, and the impactful services we offer to the community.


Located at our forever home on Lafayette Street, our building boasts stunning murals on its exterior, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of our space. During your tour, you'll have the opportunity to admire these artistic expressions while gaining invaluable insights into our work.

Whether you're a student, community group, or simply someone interested in social justice and public policy, our building tours cater to all audiences!

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