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Portland, TN Mom's Story Shows Need for Fully Funding WIC

Updated: 1 day ago

A Portland, Tennessee mom is one of 133,000 who could see important nutrition support cut. She is caring for her infant child and is worried about losing the extra money she received through WIC to buy fruits and vegetables, which has been vital for the health of her family. She is breastfeeding her baby which requires more vitamins and nutrients. And thanks to the WIC program, she’s been able to afford the foods she needs to meet the higher dietary needs for breastfeeding. On November 17, the U.S. government is at risk of shutting down again unless Congress passes a budget to continue funding programs, which includes WIC. While the WIC program will continue to operate if the government shuts down, there will be less money for moms and young children to spend on fruits and vegetables. This Portland mom shares that the extra money helped her purchase fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables during her pregnancy. Without this benefit, she would not have been able to afford these nutritious foods. As a diabetic, the additional money she has received from WIC has supported a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Now breastfeeding, this Portland mom receives $49 in vegetable and fruit cash-value benefit (CVB) to purchase fruits and vegetables each month. The money goes a long way to provide healthy options for her family. WIC is the most effective nutrition safety net program of its kind, and its funding is vital to support young children and women during a critical time for growth and development. If the CVB Fruit and Vegetable Benefit is cut, this Portland mom would lose the necessary support of the WIC program to promote healthy diets for her developing children. Cutting WIC funding would negatively impact 133,000 Tennessee women, infants, and children. Support moms like this across Tennessee by ensuring that the CVB stays strong and fully funded.

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