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Kristen Keely-Dinger

Kristen Keely-Dinger combines visionary leadership with a nurturing spirit. She has brought both qualities to her two decades at The Healing Trust, including her service since 2016 as President and CEO. She made The Healing Trust a leader among Tennessee philanthropies in supporting racial and health equity advocacy as a funder and valued partner. Kristen has helped the Tennessee Justice Center broaden its impact and sharpen its focus on issues of racial equity.

Kristen recognized early on that, with state officials opposed to the Affordable Care Act, it fell to the nonprofit sector to connect uninsured Tennesseans to the health coverage promised them by the Act. With targeted funding, training and collaborative leadership, The Healing Trust supported the efforts of TJC and an army of volunteers and other community partners. The result was a model outreach and enrollment campaign that enabled tens of thousands of families to gain affordable health care.

TJC and other nonprofits have also benefited immeasurably from innovative programs shaped by Kristen’s insights as an advanced practice social worker. Year in and year out, The Healing Trust has enhanced TJC’s sustainability and impact by nurturing the well-being and creativity of our staff. In times of challenge, Kristen has always been there to personally provide wise counsel and a sympathetic ear. TJC simply would not be TJC without Kristen.

Kristen Keely-Dinger
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