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D'Anelle Desire

Director of Communications

D’Anelle Desire brings an extensive 10+ years of marketing and communications experience to her position as Director of Communications at TJC. An advocate for community enrichment, her dynamic background includes collaborative projects with The Frist Art Museum, Nashville Fashion Week, TN Arts Commission, and The Greater Nashville Regional Council, among other esteemed non-profit organizations in Tennessee.  

Born and raised in the Caribbean, D’Anelle’s ability to identify the nuances associated with varying audiences has allowed her to successfully manage messaging, build meaningful relationships, and effectively connect with juxtaposing cultures. To this end, much of her last 15 years in Nashville has revolved around active involvement in local efforts to effect change and promote community enrichment. Notably, in 2018, D’Anelle produced a contributing piece to the Connect/Disconnect: Growth in the “It” City Exhibition at the Frist Art Museum which helped capture the growing gap between socioeconomic classes despite physical proximity.  

A champion for progress and innovation, D’Anelle is thrilled to be a part of upholding Tennessee Justice Center’s mission to protect the dignity and opportunity of every person and ensure our communities’ shared values are heard, seen, and reflected nation-wide. You can reach D’Anelle at 629-281-4168 or

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