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Need help navigating TennCare on a regular basis? Consider a technical assistance service agreement with the TJC. With an assistance agreement, you will have a dedicated TJC staff member serving as your point of contact for your organization. Whether you need a quick answer to an eligibility question or help filing a complicated appeal, you will have a trusted partner to help guide you along the way.

Consultative Service Agreements:

A consultative service agreement is an excellent way to build capacity and increase efficiencies across the entire enterprise as well as troubleshoot specific challenges. These agreements cover a wide range of services including group trainings, process reviews and difficult case management. Over the years, we have reviewed screening processes for healthcare providers, made recommendations and provided targeted trainings to increase the likelihood of Medicaid reimbursement. We have helped providers identify weaknesses in their financial screening process and develop protocols for limiting the risk associated with high-cost, uninsured patients who have been admitted to the hospital for extended periods of time. Chances are, we can help you too.

If your organization is having trouble solving a difficult problem or would like to have the assurance of the TJC by your side, let’s talk. Give Rob Watkins a call at 615-846-4712 to start the conversation.

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