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Jasmine Snell

Jasmine aged out of the foster care system and had no health insurance. When the pandemic hit, she was suddenly unable to support herself as a hairstylist. She wanted to get back to work but knew she needed health coverage to do that safely. She found TJC, and we got her covered as a former foster child, thanks to a little known provision of the Affordable Care Act. The next week she contracted COVID-19. Like so many of the other storms of her life, Jasmine weathered this one and emerged stronger and more resolute than ever in her determination to help others. She set about to ensure that no other foster child leaves custody without the health coverage they need to thrive. She will work on this project with TJC as one of a handful of fellows in the prestigious Annie E. Casey Foundation leadership program for former foster children. Despite all of the chaos, setbacks, and uncertainty of this year, Jasmine has made a path to enrich the lives of thousands of her young peers.

“One week before my COVID-19 diagnosis and after 3½ years of unjust Medicaid denials, the TJC was able to assist me in accessing TennCare. Having this coverage gives me hope in navigating such trying times without the burden of deciding between living and medical expenses.” -Jasmine Snell

Read more about Jasmine’s experience in accessing healthcare and her work to help more former foster youth in her own words.

*Photo credit: Sarah Unger

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