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Wanda Jackson

“By helping me tell my son’s story to lawmakers and judges, the Tennessee Justice Center has given me a chance to make the world a better place for my kids and for other Tennessee families.”

Wanda’s sons are the lights of her life. Ten-year-old Christopher has cerebral palsy, developmental delays and is blind. When he was born, Wanda was told to institutionalize him. She refused, believing she could give her son a better life.

Today, with Wanda’s loving care, Christopher has learned to sit up and speak a few words. He likes being tickled, listening to country music and playing with his baby brother. TennCare HMOs have repeatedly denied coverage for care that his doctors prescribe and Wanda continues to push for the care he needs.

The Tennessee Justice Center, on behalf of Wanda and Christopher and other courageous TennCare families, is working to make sure that all TennCare enrollees get medically needed care. Because, as Wanda says, every child deserves a chance for a good life.

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