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Jean Smith

Carol Smith is extraordinary. Born with cerebral palsy, her accomplishments have surprised everyone – except her parents. Jean and Bill Smith have raised her to be a feisty, self-confident, vibrant young woman.

Using her computer speech synthesizer, Carol has testified before Congress and gives motivational talks to children with disabilities. From nursing Carol through illnesses she was never expected to survive, to taking notes for her in classes, Jean has been a super-mom. A disabilities organization just recognized Jean as Mother of the Year.

Even super-moms sometimes need help, though. That’s why there is a Tennessee Justice Center. When state policies threatened to send Carol to a nursing home, her mom turned to TJC. TJC represents Carol and thousands of other families in their struggle to prevent the cruel and costly institutionalization of people with disabilities. We are grateful for the privilege of help Jean and the many other mothers who TJC services throughout Tennessee.

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