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Erin Brady Worsham

Erin Brady Worsham is a talented artist, a devoted mother and wife, an active community member, and is living with ALS. ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, causes nerve cells to die. The death of nerve cells causes muscular atrophy, and an ALS patient eventually loses the ability to walk, talk, breathe, and swallow. Sixteen years after her diagnosis, Worsham faces this fate, but never allows it to define her. She continues to paint, speak publicly about her experiences, and attend her son’s sporting events. And, though today Worsham is totally dependent on those around her for survival, she focuses on what she can do saying, “I feel blessed that I haven’t lost my ability to think.”

For 10 years, TJC has worked to protect Worsham’s TennCare coverage and has been inspired repeatedly by her strength. Worsham’s perseverance through her experience negotiating her many struggles even led TJC to honor her as one of their first Mother’s of the Year. Through this recognition, TJC acknowledged Worsham’s inspirational role in her community and her steadfast efforts to help other families stay together when faced with cuts to TennCare services or eligibility. “One of the great blessings of my career is to have been able to work with the Worshams. Their faith, courage and generosity have had an extraordinary impact on our community, and me personally,” said Michele Johnson, TJC’s Managing Attorney.

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