The Iris Society honors donors who contribute $1,000 or more within the calendar year or include TJC in their estate plans. Like irises, we are known for our resilience. Like so many of our clients, partners, and community members, we are faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles every day. We just keep working, and we could not do so without our supporters. Their generosity and compassion allow us the opportunity to fight for the dignity, independence, and opportunity for all Tennesseans.



Mike and Cynthia Abelow
Chandrika Achar ★
Ronette Adams-Taylor ★
William Henry Agee
Vic Alexander
Edgar and Kathi Allen
William Allen and Jenny Freeman
Denise Alper
Kathryn Anderson
Gail Vaughn Ashworth
Paula and Bill Barkley
George Barnard
Jim and Ellen Barry ★
Benjamin Barton and Mayor Indya K. Kincannon
Jane Beasley
Kathryn Beasley and Christopher Farrell ★
Sam and Pam Beckman ★
Margaret Behm and Harlan Dodson, III
Harvey and Kathy Bennett
Shaun M. Bennett
David Berger
Robb Bigelow
Marilyn Blake
Frank and Melissa Bloch
Charles W. Bone
Gordon and Hon. Claudia Bonnyman
Dr. Houston Bonnyman ★
Alexander and Jean Bonnyman
Dr. Brian and Ms. Jean Bonnyman ★
Rev. Anne B. Bonnyman ☨
Virginia and Brant Bousquet
Robert and Anne Brandt ☨
Martin and Mary Liz Burns ★
Drs. Brenda Butka and J. Thomas John
Jacob and Lucinda Cain
Angela Camp
Sumter Camp and Sherry Knott ★
David Cañas ★
Angelo and Regina Canonico
Frank and Kay Carter
Kay Caudle
Richard and Vicki Chambers ☨
James H. Cheek III & Nicky Weaver
Anne and Wayne Christeson
Drs. Brian and Julia Christman
Al Cocke
Charlotte Collins and Gerald West ★
Hon. Lew Conner
Heleny Cook
Hon. Jim Cooper
Nancy Corley
Peter Coughlan and Sandra Keifert
Covenant Class, Belmont UMC
Wade and Gari Cowan
Mary Bell Crossman
Amelia Crotwell and Michael Mailahn
Kevin and Katie Crumbo
Karen Davis
John and Joy Day
Karl Dean and Anne Davis
John and Natasha Deane
Matt and Beth Deeb
Edwin and Kim DeMoss
Nancy-Ann and Jason DeParle
Mark and Sherry Deutschmann
Lee Lee and Wally Dietz
Jason Dinger and Kristen Keely Dinger
Jacqueline B. Dixon
Ginna Domm
Carol and Christopher Dunn ★
Marshall and Michelle Eakin
Mark Edwards
Sherie Edwards ★
Shannon Coleman Egle and Dr. Brian Egle
Jason Ehrlinspiel
Dan and Zita Elrod
Jim and Betty Emison
J. Michael Engle and Pam Auble
Don Enright and Cheryl Lee Rowley
Jason and Susan Epstein
Laurie and Steve Eskind
Richard Eskind
Dave Ettinger and Kitty Calhoon
Tony Farmer
Dale Farran
Deborah and John Farringer ★
Sara Finley
Dr. Sabrina Finney
James and Emily Flautt
Mary Flipse and Todd Dirksen
William H. Freeman


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Frist, Jr.
Sarah Gardial ★
Michael and Virginia Gardner
Frank and Amy Garrison
Drs. Mark and Nan Gaylord
Jeff and Allyn Gibson ★
Susan Korones Gifford
Cecilia Gigante
Dr. Joseph Gigante and Felice Apolinsky
Harris A. Gilbert
Lucia Gilliland
Nate and Lillian Gilmer ★
Luvell Glanton
Carolyn and Drew Goddard
John and Mary Green ★
Riney and Lynn Green
Sarah and Scott Griswold
James Groenke
Tom Grooms and Linda Ashford
Judith Guerry and Charlotte Ann Shea
Nita Guinn and Ray Bennett
Patricia C. Gunn
Joe and Desa Haase ★
Ann and David Hake
Susan and Charlie Hale ★
Bill and Patty Harbison
Patrick and Julie Hardin
Miriam Harmatz ☨
Ruth Ann and William Harnsich
Matthew and Paula Harris
Jeffrey and Lucy Haynes
Hon. William J. Haynes, Jr. ★
Josh and Ellie Hedrick ★
Roy and Nancy Carol Herron
Barbara J. Hill
Gregg Horowitz and Ellen Levy
Ned Jacobson
Dr. Eiman Jahangir
Sadiatou Jallow ☨
Dr. Kevin James and Dr. Julia Wood
Judy Johnson
Michael and Barbara Johnson
Victor S. Johnson III and Mary Johnson
Michele Johnson and Jeffrey Hill
Emily Jones
Leon and Suellen Joyner
Rita Kaplan
Dustin and Sumita Keller
James Kennon
Bill and Robin King
Britney Kirksey ★
David Korones
Peter and Judy Lansing Kovler
Hon. Walter Kurtz
Kristine LaLonde and Claudio Mosse
Brent and Jennifer Lankford ★
Ed Lanquist
George T. Lewis III
Samuel and Mary Ann Lipshie
Carla Lovell
Rev. Diane Luton Blum
Sara Lynes
Alex MacKay and Eric Lease
Monica Mackie
Nancy Fraas MacLean
Kathleen Maloy
Andrea Maneschi
Cynthia Mann
Gino and Jeanne Marchetti
James G. Martin, III
Neil and Maureen McBride
Sue McClure
Dr. Conn and Ms. Betty McConnell
Catherine McEvoy-Smith ★
Miriam F. McFadden
Susan Emery McGannon
Hon. C. Creed and Ms. Janie McGinley ★
Patricia Meadows
Ken and Lynn Melkus
Drs. Charles and Alice Mercer
Dana Migliaccio ★
Drs. Bob and Bonnie Miller ★☨
Christine Modisher and Marsha Williams
David Morgan and Karen Bloch
John Morgan and Ellen Corenswet
Mika Moser ★
Barbara J. Moss and Dr. Thomas Way Campbell
Virgina Murphy
Karen Neal and John Berggren
Kristie Nettles                                                            Dr. John Newman and Rebecca Lyford
Mary Nichols
John and Christina Norris


Michael and Linda O’Neal
Bill and Kathy Orzechowski
John and Erica Orzechowski
Drs. Freida and Lucius Outlaw
Russ Overby and Sara Smith
Marc and Wendy Overlock
Mary Mountcastle and James Overton
Hon. George and Ms. Ophelia T. Paine
Albert Partee, III
Celeste Patterson and Doug Meech
Dr. Douglas and Ms. Anna Pearce ★
J. Edward & Kathleen S. Pearson
Bart and Christy Perkey
Kathryn Petit and Timothy Carnessale
Matthew and Kates Potempa
Dr. James Powers and Ms. Martha Wetteman
Joyce and Preston Quirk
Allan and Jimmie Lynn Ramsaur
Cary and Scott Rayson ★
Colin and Brenda Reed
Willa F. Reister
Dr. Barbara Reynolds
Susie Ries
Richard Riles ★
Jane and Ralph Roach
Dr. Dan and Ms. Rosemary Roden
Dr. Charles and Ms. Ann Roos
Donald and Linda Rubright
Michael and Maureen Schlacter
Andy and Robin Schneider
Nelda and Kurt Schreiber
Beneva Schulte and Paul Orzulak ★
Robert Schwartzman
Ben and Lauren Scott
King and Judy Self
Laura J. Sell and Todd Phipps ★
Ray and Phyllis Sells
William and Karen Shannon
Joan B. Shayne
Ralph and Harriette Shivers
Mike and Lisa Shmerling
Dr. Buzz Sienknecht and Ms. Sharon Bandy
Edward P. Silva
Leonard B. Simon and Candace M. Carroll
Dr. Geoffrey and Ms. Sally Smallwood
Brent Smith
Nicole Smith ★
John and Wanda Sobieski
Joe and Joanne Sowell
Catherine and Michael Spencer
Shirley and Stuart Speyer
Dr. Isabel and Mr. Brooke Stanley
Susan Steinmetz and William Corr
David Stern and Tracy Hughes
Alyssa Stines ★
Hon. Jane Branstetter and Mr. Jim Stranch
Jack and Ann Stringham
Dr. Paul and Ms. Mary Stumb
David Super
Elizabeth and Tom Surface
Matt and Judy Sweeney
Baylor Bone Swindell and Ryan Swindell
Donald and Kristin Taylor
Jerry Taylor ★
Steve and Jeanne Thomas
Bob and Mary Battle Thompson
Gregory and Carla Thurman
John and Sandee Tishler ★
Liz Slagle Todaro and Corey Todaro ★
Dr. Suzanne Tropez-Sims
Bob and Susan Tuke
John Vail
Phillippe and Katherine Villers
DeeDee J. Wade
Alex and Mary Wade
Nancy Walker
Bill and Janet Warfield
Robert and Michelle Watkins
Hedy Weinberg and Dan Cornfield
Bernadette Welch and Chris Fischer ★
Dranda Whaley ★
Ann and David Wilson
Lisa Wiltshire
Matt Wiltshire and Crissy Wieck
Susan and Ashley Wiltshire
Thomas A. Wiseman III
Dr. Charles and Ms. Sally Womack
Dr. Taylor and Ms. Melinda Wray
Alan Yuspeh
Dr. Michael Zanolli and Ms. Julie Sandine
Stephen and Jamaica Zralek


Their generosity and compassion allow us the opportunity to fight for the perseverance of dignity, independence, equality, life, and justice for vulnerable Tennesseans. The Iris Society was created to honor donors who contribute $1,000 or more within a calendar year. Like Irises, we are known for our resilience. We are faced with insurmountable obstacles every day. And yet, we continue to fight an increasingly difficult battle for Tennesseans. We could not do so without our supporters.