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Matt Harris

Matthew Harris has been an essential member of the dream team of counsel, advisers and servant leaders who have enabled TJC to acquire, finance and build our forever home. Widely respected as one of Tennessee’s top real estate attorneys, he was just what TJC needed but could never afford. No matter. Matt has freely donated his time and talents to overcome challenges we could not begin to understand, much less resolve. He has helped TJC obtain financing with new market tax credits of mind–boggling complexity. He has negotiated a lease with our valued tenant, Napier Kitchen Table, enhancing the value of the new building as a resource for the neighborhood. Matt negotiated successfully with the city codes department when we had lost all hope of ever resolving a long list of building codes and environmental problems. Throughout it all, Matt has modeled for us the sort of reassurance and support that TJC tries to provide to our clients. His expertise has helped make TJC’s new home possible. His kindness and empathy have helped sustain our hope and resolve through the long and chaotic journey to get us there.

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