Our Sustaining Stars are donors who contribute a recurring monthly or quarterly gift to TJC. As much as we love and appreciate the TJC donors who give once or twice a year, Sustaining Stars have the foresight to realize they are sustaining us on a regular basis! Our monthly donors give a collective $4,605 every month. These recurring gifts allow us to better plan our expenditures and manage our cashflow. While we are faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles every day, the support of our Sustaining Stars enables us to continue to fight and win for Tennesseans. We could not do so without them!


Join the Sustaining Stars by making a recurring gift of any amount. Every monthly or quarterly gift you make helps ensure that thousands of our neighbors access the vital health and nutrition they need. Each $1 you donate leverages $165 in essential services like healthcare and nutrition for over a million Tennesseans across the state. A gift of $85/month or more also qualifies you for our Iris Society.


Susan Hale

In 1995, Susan Hale turned to the Tennessee Justice Center and has never left. Back then, she came for help with fostering a child. Michele Johnson, today’s executive director, guided them through the process and the Hale family grew by one. That year, Susan called Michele and the staff at TJC “miracle workers”. Today, she stills calls them her “miracle workers”. Her family continues to rely on the support of TJC, even though not all their battles with health care are won. To this, Susan says that losses give her even more reasons to donate. “There is no other group like you guys…if you can’t get the job done, then no one can.” The Hales are just one family donating monthly to the Tennessee Justice Center because they believe that a state – a world – without TJC is not a place worth living in.


Chandrika Achar*
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* Iris Society Member