Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)

Due to a large number of requests, we are not able to help with individual P-EBT cases at this time. Below is some additional information that may help.

P-EBT Benefits – 2021-22 School Year

  • P-EBT has not yet opened for families for this school year.
  • Congress extended P-EBT for the 2021-22 school year.
  • USDA guidance for states to implement P-EBT has been released.
  • Tennessee must submit a plan before benefits will be issued for this school year.
  • March – June benefits are late. We do not know when you will get them.
  • Childcare Summer P-EBT ($375) remains on hold for children under 5.

Good New! P-EBT sent for Summer and Childcare

  • July (Summer) P-EBT has been added onto cards for school-age children. If you did not receive your Summer P-EBT, but are eligible and it is not listed on your child’s parent portal, please appeal to receive the benefit.
  • Childcare P-EBT for children 5 and under participating in SNAP has been loaded onto SNAP cards for the months of October 2020 – May 2021! We will send out an email alert as soon as we know more about Summer P-EBT for children 5 and under. Sign up here to get P-EBT email alerts.


Pandemic-EBT gives money to eligible families with students who have missed free or reduced-price school meals due to school closures and remote learning caused by the pandemic. P-EBT money comes on a card that families can use at grocery stores to buy food.



Students must be signed up for free or reduced-price school meals or attend a CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) school to be eligible for P-EBT. View our printable informational flyer.

Round 3 – Expands eligibility to students who participate in a hybrid school model, meaning children attend schools in person for some days, and the remaining days are spent in a remote virtual learning setting.


The fastest way to get P-EBT information is to follow us on social media. Click the buttons below to find us on all social media channels! We also send regular, more detailed P-EBT alerts by email. You can sign up for email alerts about P-EBT here.



March, April, and May

Round one P-EBT benefits cover meals missed because of COVID-19 in March, April, and May of last school year. Most P-EBT cards for this round have been distributed. However, there are still thousands of students who have not received their P-EBT card for round one. These children’s cards were sent to their schools for pick up, and in some cases were mailed directly to the students. Here are some things you need to know:

  • Direct to SNAP families. Families participating in SNAP during P-EBT round one received the P-EBT benefits directly onto their existing SNAP EBT cards.
  • How much? Round one benefits were $250 per child.
  • Application process. There was an application that closed in August, but if you missed it, it’s not too late.
  • Never received round one P-EBT? If you never picked up a card from your school, contact your school to see if they still have your round one card. If they do not have it, call the DHS P-EBT Assistance Line at 833-496-0661.


August and September

Round two P-EBT was mailed directly to eligible families. Eligible students must have participated in virtual learning for at least 5 consecutive school days during August and September and must be signed up to receive free or reduced-prices meals. Schools submitted information for the number of days students did virtual learning. Here are some things you need to know:

  • New P-EBT card for every child. All families (even SNAP families) received a new P-EBT card for each child. For example, if you have 3 eligible children, then you will receive 3 cards.
  • P-EBT cards have been mailed. If you are eligible but did not receive a card in the mail, then call the DHS P-EBT Assistance Line at 1-833-496-0661.
  • The cards were mailed in non-descript envelopes.
  • Checking the balance on your round two card. Call the customer service number on the P-EBT card at 888-997-9444.
  • Lost your P-EBT card or need a replacement? Call DHS P-EBT Assistance Line at 1-833-496-0661 to request a replacement card.


October 2020 – Present

Round three P-EBT covers meals lost from October 2020 through the 2021 school year. Eligible students must participate in at least 5 school days of virtual learning during this time and be signed up to receive free or reduced-priced meals. Students who attend hybrid schools (part virtual, part in-person) are now eligible for P-EBT.

  • New P-EBT Cards. Eligible families will be issued a new P-EBT cards. New cards for this round of benefits have been delayed, but some cards are being mailed out now.
  • Check the Mail. Cards will be mailed to eligible families.
  • Keep your Card! Your card will be loaded with new benefits monthly if your child remains eligible for P-EBT.
  • More Money for Food. P-EBT benefits have increased to $6.82/per eligible day.
  • Update your Information. Be sure to update your address and update your application for free and reduced price school meals. This can help ensure you receive your P-EBT without further delay.


Benefits are being loaded directly onto SNAP EBT cards over a four-month period.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Children under 6 who are in a SNAP household are eligible for P-EBT 
  • Children do not need to attend a childcare facility to be eligible.  
  • Benefits will be loaded directly onto SNAP EBT cards over a four-month period.  
  • Children under 6 will also receive a $375 Summer P-EBT benefit loaded onto their EBT card.

*New resource: P-EBT for Children 5 Years and Under Informational Flyer


Summer P-EBT is approved for Tennessee! Benefits are coming now! $375 is being loaded directly onto Round 3 cards in waves. If you do not have a Round 3 card, one will be mailed to you.

  • Your child is eligible if: they are enrolled in Free or Reduced-Price Meals through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).  
  • Benefits are coming soon! $375 will be loaded directly onto Round 3 cards, or SNAP EBT cards for children under 6. If you do not have a Round 3 card, one will be mailed to you.  

*New resource: Summer P-EBT Informational Flyer


As families await P-EBT benefits, hundreds of kids are going without meals. Scroll through our interactive map below to see how other families have been impacted by the months-long delay in benefits.


If you have questions about P-EBT, please email TJC at You can sign up here for P-EBT email updates for the latest information.

If you want to appeal a P- EBT benefits decision, create and log on to your DHS ServiceNow account here and then select the “Pandemic EBT Appeal” button in the “Apply for Assistance” menu.