Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)

Due to a large number of requests, we are not able to help with individual P-EBT cases at this time.If you want to appeal a P- EBT benefits decision, create and log on to your DHS ServiceNow accounthere and then select the “Pandemic EBT Appeal” button in the “Apply for Assistance” menu. 

Pandemic-EBT gives money to eligible families with a student who has missed a free or reduced-price school meal due to school closures and/or remote learning caused by the pandemic. P-EBT money is issued on a card that families can use at grocery stores to buy food.

January 20, 2023 is the last day to file a P-EBT appeal!

If you did not get P-EBT benefits or did not get the right amount from March 2020 through July 31, 2022 or for summer 2022, you can appeal.

If your child was eligible to receive free or reduced meals at school during the 2021-22 school year; or attended a CEP school and missed days because of COVID but never got P-EBT benefits, you can appeal. If your child was eligible to received free or reduced meals during the 2021-22 school year or attended a CEP school but did not get Summer P-EBT, you can appeal. Check the P-EBT Parent Portal to see you child’s benefits.

To file a P-EBT Appeal, your child must be linked in your P-EBT Parent Portal account. When you are in the portal, select the Appeal button from the top menu, then select the missing benefit days. Upload supporting documentation, such as an attendance record, to show which days your child missed. If you are appealing summer benefits, then you don’t need to attach supporting documentation.

Read more about P-EBT appeals on DHS’s page here.


The state issued approximately $80 million worth of Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefits toTennessee children to cover the cost of school meals lost due to COVID-19 absences during the past 2021-22 school year.   

Who is Eligible: 

  • Students enrolled in free or reduced-price school meals, or children who attend a school that offers free meals to all or a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) school*.   
  • Students absent from school for 6 consecutivedays or more because of COVID-19.   

*Visit TDOE’s CEP page for a list of CEP schools.  

What Parents Need to Do: 

  • Questions? Visit theParent Portal, or call the P-EBT Hotline:833-496-0661.   
  • Lost your P-EBT card?,or call 1 (888) 997-9444. 
  • Didn’t receive your benefits? File for an appeal at

Summer P-EBT 2022

Approximately $312 million in Summer P-EBT benefits were sent to648,250 Tennessee school children and 149,372 children under 6 in childcare. The Department of Humans Service (DHS) began distributing Summer 2022 P-EBT to eligible children at the end of September. Students who received free or reduced-price school meals during the 2021-22 school year through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and children under 6 living in a SNAP household receive $391 per eligible child. If your eligible child did not receive benefits, check the P-EBT Parent Portal. If the benefits are listed in the Portal and you have not yet received them, they’re likely still on the way. If you don’t see your child’s benefits listed in the Parent Portal, please call the DHS P-EBT Hotline at 833-419-3210. 

How to Appeal for Summer 2022 P-EBT Benefits 

If you did not receive your child’s summer P-EBT, please appeal through the Department of Human Services at this link:,270%2D1349%20(TTY). You have until January 20, 2023 to appeal.  


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As families await P-EBT benefits, hundreds of kids are going without meals. Scroll through our interactive map below to see how other families have been impacted by the months-long delay in benefits.


If you have questions about P-EBT, please email TJC at You can sign up here for P-EBT email updates for the latest information. 

If you want to appeal a P- EBT benefits decision, create and log on to your DHS ServiceNow account here and then select the “Pandemic EBT Appeal” button in the “Apply for Assistance” menu.